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This six-wheel Ford Bronco costs more than a supercar

Bronco specialist is charging almost $400,000 for the conversion

If you think a supercar is a boring way of spending your loose change, get one of these. PHOTO FROM MAXLIDER MOTORS

We’re not really sure if there are any significant advantages of a six-wheel car compared to one with just four. The system works on trucks because having two rear axles means the vehicle can carry heavier loads, and its weight is more evenly spread out on the road. But for an SUV or pickup meant to accommodate five people and a bunch of groceries, having six wheels is a bit excessive. But there is clearly a demand for such cars, and the latest model joining the party is the all-new Ford Bronco.

The Bronco will be stretched a bit to house the additional axle. PHOTO FROM MAXLIDER MOTORS

A company called Maxlider Motors is taking reservations for a six-wheel conversion of Ford’s hot SUV. The US-based firm prides itself on being a Bronco specialist, having done customization work on the model’s older generations. There are no details yet on what will be changed or modified on the all-new Bronco, but the pictures you see here suggest that the vehicle will be stretched to accommodate the extra rear axle. These photos also reveal two differentials at the back, which suggest that the converted Bronco will have six-wheel drive.

The engine will probably have a mild upgrade so it can power the extra pair of drive wheels. PHOTO FROM MAXLIDER MOTORS

However, the modified Bronco does come with a rather princely premium. Maxlider is charging $399,000 (P19.36 million) for this monstrosity. It doesn’t say if that price already includes the base vehicle. Just for comparison, a Ferrari F8 Tributo in the US starts at around $276,550 (P13.42 million). But a six-wheel Bronco is certainly a unique way to make a statement and stand out in a sea of “boring” supercars.

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