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Bentley takes interior customization to a whole new level

You'd be amazed at how much choice you have for your prized vehicle

Customers can choose from more than 5,000 ways to spec their vehicle's interiors. PHOTO FROM BENTLEY

For normal people buying normal cars, the process is pretty much straightforward. You simply pick a model and variant which fits your needs and, more importantly, your budget. However, for ultra-luxury brands like Bentley, there are a few more steps that you need to take which include personalizing the vehicle’s interior. Now, the British marque is taking customization to another level by giving you over 5,000 ways to jazz up your car’s cabin.

Lacquered wood is the classic yet elegant choice. PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

Since 1921, every Bentley ever made had wooden dashboards. With the British carmaker’s clientele getting younger, the company saw it fit to offer more options to suit the wider variety of customer preferences. From traditional lacquered veneers, Bentley is now offering new types of interior trim. If that’s not enough, there’s always the Mulliner Personal Commissioning options list if you have some loose change to spare for exclusivity.

Those partial to Gothic architecture can choose a stone finish. PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

The stone veneers have a unique texture that elevate the cabin ambience. Piano-painted trim pieces give the dashboard a modern look. Open-pore veneers are also available, allowing customers to feel the texture and see the natural colors of the wood used. Finally, the three-dimensional look of technical finishes give the cabin a sporty vibe. Whatever you want, Bentley certainly has something that’ll tickle your fancy.

The diamond-shaped pattern on brushed aluminum makes the cabin look sporty. PHOTOS FROM BENTLEY

Honestly, we don’t think that most people would ever need over 5,000 options for interior-trim customization. But those who buy Bentleys aren’t really ordinary. For them, personalizing their rides and making it truly theirs is well worth spending a fortune on. And if this makes these lucky bastards customers feel good about their purchases, who are we to judge?

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