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This Lexus LX modified by JAOS shows that posh SUVs can look tough

The subtle upgrades complement the luxury SUV's style

The JAOS upgrades might get you to go off-roading in your LX. PHOTO FROM JAOS

Japan Offroad Service (JAOS) is a well-known aftermarket-parts company that caters to enthusiasts looking to spice up their SUVs and trucks. It makes suspension kits, wheels, lights, and many other cosmetic and performance-enhancing components.

The brand caters to popular base vehicles such as the Toyota FJ Cruiser and Hilux, the Mitsubishi Pajero, and the Suzuki Jimny, to name a few. If you go to its website, you’ll know that it also made parts for the Lexus GX, RX and previous-generation LX.

The parts supplier made sure to preserve the elegant look of the LX. PHOTOS FROM JAOS

With the introduction of the latest Lexus LX last year, one would be quick to point out that owners wouldn’t be bringing them off-road despite being based on the incredibly capable Land Cruiser 300. JAOS aims to change that at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon with a series of parts designed for the luxury off-roader.

We're not sure you'd want those CFRP skid plates to bash into anything. PHOTOS FROM JAOS

For starters, the posh OEM 22-inch wheels are swapped out for 20-inch gold JAOS Tribe Cross rims in Toyo Open Country all-terrain rubber. The bumpers get additional protection in the form of wider fenders and front/rear skid plates. But because the base vehicle is a Lexus, it only gets the finest of materials. The protective gear is fashioned out of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. Wrapping everything up are door-handle protectors, signature JAOS mudguards, and a JAOS BattleZ exhaust.

The JAOS mods are likely designed for high-speed cruising on sand dunes. PHOTOS FROM JAOS

The best thing about the JAOS display is that these parts will already be available not only in auto shops but also at Lexus dealers in Japan. After seeing a UX kitted out in TRD jewelry, we’re hoping that our local Lexus dealer offers the JAOS upgrades once the LX reaches our shores.

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