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e-Mazda to be company’s electrification business division

A hybrid CX-5 is also in the works

Mazda is doubling down on electrification efforts with e-Mazda. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Mazda is one Japanese company that has been rather conservative with its electrification efforts. Aside from the MX-30 and the PHEV models of the Large Product Group crossovers, most of its other electrified products and new EVs have been joint ventures with Chinese companies, like the recently announced EZ-6.

But in a recently released March 2024 Fiscal Year report, it looks like the automaker is concentrating even more efforts on electrification. For one, the company is debuting a new electrification business division called e-Mazda, which will help “accelerate the shift of resources.”

The CX-50 is one of the first models to have a proper hybrid system in Mazda's lineup. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

They won’t simply focus on BEVs though, as they plan to release multiple products with different kinds of tech.

Most notably, the next-generation CX-5 will be released with a Mazda-developed hybrid engine. In some markets, the CX-50 is available in HEV form that utilizes a hybrid system from Toyota, making this a first for the company.

This will complement the current plug-in hybrid models of the Large Platform Group.

Expect more Mazda EV models to be introduced in the future. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

They will have a realistic approach to introducing battery-electric vehicles based on demand and the needs of each market. The company aims to introduce a new BEV on a dedicated platform by 2027.

As for the Chinese market—aside from the Changan-Mazda joint venture that pushes out the likes of the CX-30 EV, the CX-50 HEV, and the EZ-6 BEV and PHEV—four more new-energy vehicles will be released down the line.

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