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The Nissan Leaf will officially arrive in PH on May 9

The brand will now bring in the popular electric car

Nissan is confident that there is strong local demand for the Leaf. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

While electric cars are already commonplace in many countries at this point, such vehicles are still curiosities in our part of the world—only accessible to the moneyed few who can acquire them through gray-market importers. But Nissan Philippines believes that EVs have a bright future here, and has often teased the much-awaited arrival of the Leaf electric hatchback.

The Leaf is indeed coming to the Philippines just a few weeks from now. Aside from the fact that the EV will be launched locally, it will also be interesting to see what Nissan intends to do in order to get customers to buy the car, and what kind of support owners will get in terms of the all-important charging infrastructure.

The Nissan Leaf will be launched on May 9 at 2pm. It will be streamed live on Nissan Philippines’ Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Miggi Solidum

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