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The Nissan IMQ concept is a fighter jet on wheels

Its design elements will look familiar to aviation enthusiasts

The IMQ looks ready for takeoff. Or so we fantasize. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

A good number of aviation enthusiasts will tell you that the F-16 Fighting Falcon is the most competent air superiority fighter currently in service. And what’s not to like about the F-16? It can fly at twice the speed of sound and turn on a dime thanks to its signature blended wing body design. Now, Nissan designers must have been staring at this jet when they decided to turn it into a car.

That is one badass crossover profile. It looks like a jet. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

But instead of naming it after birds of prey like most combat aircraft, they simply called it the IMQ concept. That doesn’t stop the aviation reference though as the car comes with a window-sunroof combo that looks like a fighter jet’s canopy. While it isn’t made from a single pane of glass like an actual canopy, the design certainly fools the senses into thinking that it is.

From these angles, it seems wings are going to deploy. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The blended wing body that makes the F-16 a very capable weapon of war is also applied to the land-bound IMQ concept. Elements of the vehicle’s exterior are smoothly combined with other components. Examples of this are the radiator grille being integrated into the hood and the boomerang-shaped taillights fusing together with the flared rear fenders. This gives the impression that the body is a single, undisturbed sculpture with no unsightly seams.

The seats look like they float, don’t they? Zero gravity! PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

The airplane theme continues into the cockpit with a steering wheel that looks like a yoke from a light aircraft. Displayed on the multifunction screen embedded in the dashboard is an animated representation of the e-Power hybrid propulsion system’s status. And speaking of high-tech stuff, there’s a lot of it crammed inside the IMQ. Nissan’s I2V cloud-based virtual world lets occupants see through blind corners, communicate with other people, or even beam their own companions inside the vehicle as 3D effigies. It even comes with a prototype version of the aptly named ProPilot driver-assist system that helps the car navigate smoothly across town using information provided by a series of sensors and cameras.

The IMQ cockpit does not belong to the present time. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

With the e-Power system generating 335hp and 700Nm, the Nissan IMQ concept should deliver a driving experience that is as thrilling as being strapped onto a jet and blasting off into the skies.

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