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The mild-hybrid Toyota Hilux goes down under

Along with other upgrades to the entire range

Toyota says its mild-hybrid Hilux is ready to take on the Australian outback. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Not too long ago, we reported that Europe will get a mild-hybrid version of the Toyota Hilux. However, it seems like it’s not the only market where such a vehicle is in high demand. In a bid to make motoring a little less taxing on Mother Nature, ute-crazy Australia is also getting the eco-friendly version of the popular truck.

Just like the Euro-spec Hilux, the Aussie one has a 2.8-liter turbodiesel coupled with a mild-hybrid system. Toyota claims an improvement in fuel economy of up to 10%. This powertrain will be available on certain trim levels of the double-cab version. Additionally, the entire range will be getting various updates ranging from styling changes to additional convenience features.

Are we seeing the last facelift of the current-generation Hilux? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The Hilux has always been a popular choice among Australian buyers. Its ruggedness and dependability in the bush have been proven time and time again. Having a mild-hybrid engine will surely be welcome news for customers who want to do their part in lowering their carbon footprint even just by a tiny bit.

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