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The Honda CR-V gets minor facelift and not much else

The update has been announced in the Thailand market

Spot the very subtle difference (if you can, that is). PHOTO FROM HONDA

This year, the Thai-market Honda CR-V gets a very subtle exterior makeover that we expect to eventually reach our shores. The Comfortable Runabout Vehicle gets a bit of plastic surgery with redesigned front and rear bumpers along with slightly revised taillamp clusters. The major change, however, is the alloy wheel design. Still rendered in a two-tone color, the updated styling is a welcome improvement over that of the outgoing rims.

You can see the upgrade if you know where to look. PHOTOS FROM HONDA

As usual, tech features are in abundance in the new CR-V. The Honda Sensing suite of electronic driver aids includes collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and road departure warning. A new addition is an attention monitor that constantly scans the driver’s fatigue levels, and generates rest advisories as required. Passengers can now also enjoy the seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay.

These changes to the Thai-spec CR-V might make their way toward our territory soon. In the meantime, this updated model can be viewed at the 41st Bangkok International Motor Show, which is apparently pushing through on July 15-26 as Thailand appears to have been successful in containing the coronavirus.

UPDATE: This version of the article has been significantly revised. In the original version, we very erroneously reported that the diesel engine had received a “power bump.” Fucking fake news, guys. And we apologize for it. No excuses. We mistakenly assumed that the oil-burner in question was the same one in our market. Wrong. The one in Thailand apparently has two turbochargers. So yeah, this new CR-V is really nothing to crow about. We promise to be more attentive to the minutest of details next time. Please accept our sincerest regrets.

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