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The Alpine A110 gets decked out in Miami colors

A new color scheme to celebrate the brand’s presence at the Miami Grand Prix

It's not that often you see a sports car that comes in pink straight out of the factory. PHOTO FROM ALPINE

If you’re not aware, the first-ever Miami Grand Prix will be held this May 8 (May 9, 3:30am, for us Filipinos). It’s a special day for all the parties and the manufacturers involved considering this is the first time the Formula 1 circus will set foot on Florida soil.

This also includes Alpine, who decided to celebrate the occasion of its F1 team being present in the race by releasing a special “South Beach Colorway” pack for its A110 sports car.

You can soon make your car look like it came straight out of a vaporwave video. PHOTO FROM ALPINE

You’re probably familiar with the Miami “vaporwave” aesthetic, which features things like palm trees, purple, orange, pink and blue from the Miami sunsets, and some retro-video-game grid floors, accompanied by some synthwave music.

While you won’t be getting all of that from the South Beach colorway, it at least tries to emulate some of that feeling with some special cosmetic changes. It comes in two colors, Bleu Azur (blue) and Rose Bruyère (pink). It sits on white 18-inch wheels, and there’s a blue-and-pink flag found on the car’s B-pillar.

Changes to the interior are minor, but that's alright. Why fix something that isn't broken? PHOTO FROM ALPINE

You’ll see the chosen exterior colors adorn the cabin alongside the blue-and-pink flags and the light-gray contrast stitching, and finally, the “South Beach” floor mats that are embroidered in the colors of the livery.

Of course, if you want to make your A110 unique (while retaining the South Beach colorway pack), you can further customize the car via the Atelier Alpine customization program, which can add different wheel finishes and brake caliper colors.

You’ll be able to soon see the South Beach colorway pack in the Alpine product catalog this summer, and you can now reserve one via the Alpine app (for iOS and Android).

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