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Mitsubishi unveils Triton rally car for Asia Cross Country Rally 2024

Unveiled at the 24th Bangkok International Motor Show

Mitsubishi is looking for blood in this year's AXCR. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

Last year, Mitsubishi Motors unveiled an all-new Triton pickup truck and wasted no time entering it in the grueling Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR).

Having won the overall title back in 2022 with the old model, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart led by team director Hiroshi Masuoka managed to take home third overall and the Team Award a year later—a more than respectable finish given the new platform to work with.

More power and a wider track are in store for this year's rallye. PHOTO FROM MITSUBISHI

This time, the team is looking to take back the crown with—according to the PR—“enhanced acceleration performance and road handling.” Mitsubishi is mum on the technical details of the T1 prototype rally car, but a safe guess is more horsepower and improvements to the chassis and suspension tuning.

According to Masuoka: “Last year, we confirmed the toughness and the durability of the all-new Triton in the grueling conditions of AXCR. The rally also reaffirmed that the Triton’s strengths lie in its sporty handling and its excellent road handling on rough terrain, and we have made the Triton rally car more powerful and enhanced its driving performance by widening the tread further so that we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors’ vehicles with high-displacement engines.”

It wouldn't be Ralliart if it weren't in blazing red. PHOTOS FROM MITSUBISHI

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart has retained its distinctive red-and-black livery, adding a digitized image of dust at the front and the side. Gunmetal-gray graphics toward the back are supposed to represent gushing lava solidifying into rock.

The 2024 edition of the Asia Cross Country Rally will take place in August this year, taking racers from Thailand all the way to Malaysia over the course of several days.

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