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Mini spices up the Cooper SE with a JCW trim treatment

Slightly turning up more heat into this electric hot hatch

At least, the electric future still has some personality. PHOTO FROM MINI

Last September, Mini publicly unveiled the fourth-generation Cooper as an electric hatchback, wearing the familiar iconic design inspired by its ancestors from the British Motor Corporation.

While an ICE-powered Mini will also come out of the Oxford plant in the UK, BMW is currently wooing buyers into the battery-powered future of the brand through a sporty trim package.

The fin-like taillights are something to get used to. PHOTOS FROM MINI

The Cooper SE is the hotter version of the J01-chassis Cooper E, with a 54.2kWh battery pack that produces a healthy 215hp and 330Nm, ideal figures for a sports hatch.

With a total length of 3,860mm, about a 200mm increase from the outgoing model, the shorter overhang makes up for how much its wheelbase has grown.

In terms of additional goodies, the John Cooper Works trim package includes front and rear diffusers, a wider radiator grille, red accents found in different elements, and a bespoke rear wing.

Is that an office chair armrest? PHOTOS FROM MINI

The red-and-black motif follows in the interior with a striking checkered dashboard, stripy and stitched materials, and the Go-Kart Mode displayed on the standard 9.4-inch infotainment screen.

Aside from changing its ambient lighting and electric noises, this mode also sharpens the throttle response for maximum enjoyment.

How would the Cooper SE perform on the track? PHOTOS FROM MINI

In the end, the JCW trim for the Cooper SE adds a bit of edginess to the soft-looking bulldog shape of the Mini, but nothing more to the powertrain.

For those seeking more thrills, a proper John Cooper Works GP is still in the works (pun intended), and with how the European Union is going with EVs, it might be the last model of the brand carrying an ICE.

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