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Honda teases the 11th-generation Accord

It will utilize a hybrid drivetrain and have Google services integrated

We're expecting this to be a very mean-looking sedan once it comes out. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Crossovers and SUVs may be the dominant species to roam the streets around the world, but that doesn’t mean that the sedan is kicking the bucket just yet.

Take the Honda Accord, for example, as the Japanese automaker is letting the midsize sedan reach its 11th generation of existence, with much more aggressive styling as indicated by the teaser images released by the company.

That's one way to do a proper lightbar. PHOTO FROM HONDA

You can probably guess what it will look like if you take a peek at its recently released CR-V, but if it will still retain that sleek fastback-like shape its predecessor had, you can expect it to be one sexy sedan.

You won't need Android Auto anymore with this infotainment. PHOTO FROM HONDA

Finally, Honda says that the vehicle will utilize a hybrid drivetrain, which is in line with the manufacturer’s renewed focus on electrification. It’s also touted to have “the largest-ever screen fitted to a Honda,” coming in at 12.3 inches, and will also integrate Google Services, taking the built-in operating system closer to what a dedicated smartphone mirroring setup would have.

Excited? Keep your eyes and ears peeled, as the full reveal should take place next month.

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