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Here’s your chance to own a very special (and very rare) Subaru

Only 400 Impreza 22Bs were ever made

The Impreza 22B is the holy grail of Subarus for the automaker's loyal fans. PHOTO FROM BRING A TRAILER

If you ask most people about what two-door Subaru comes to mind first, they’ll most likely mention the BRZ. That answer is more or less expected given the car’s popularity and relevance in today’s time. But quiz any gearhead with the same question, and they will probably reply with one of the most sought-after creations by the Japanese automaker: the Impreza 22B STi.

Subaru's blue-and-gold color scheme first appeared on its rally cars. PHOTOS FROM BRING A TRAILER

Based on the GC8-body Impreza, the 22B was built to commemorate Subaru’s 40th anniversary and its third consecutive World Rally Championship title. The car sports the automaker’s iconic livery with a World Rally Blue body and gold 17-inch BBS alloy wheels. Fender flares accommodate the wider track, and the rear wing is adjustable. The interior gets a matching blue theme as well.

'22B' is the hexadecimal equivalent of 555, the Subaru rally team's title sponsor. PHOTOS FROM BRING A TRAILER

For performance, the bespoke EJ22G engine has forged internals and a different crankcase. It is mated to a close-ratio five-speed manual gearbox with an upgraded clutch. Official numbers state that the motor makes 276hp—this number being the limit set by the gentleman’s agreement among Japanese automakers. But some experts are claiming that the output figure is way higher. Suspension components include Eibach lowering springs and Bilstein dampers, and the all-wheel drive system has an electronic locking center differential.

It's refreshing to see a car interior without lots of screens and buttons. PHOTOS FROM BRING A TRAILER

The 22B is an extremely rare machine with only 400 units ever made for sale in Japan. Rumor has it that all vehicles were spoken for within hours of the launch, and that quite a few more examples were produced upon request by certain export markets.

The EJ22G engine has more torque across the rev range due to its 2.2-liter displacement. PHOTO FROM BRING A TRAILER

The car that you see here is the 156th 22B, and is currently up for auction. The odometer reads 40,000km, and the seller claims that it is in excellent condition with a newly replaced timing belt, water pump and exhaust system. As of this writing, the current bid is already at $155,555 (P7.55 million). The auction ends in six days.

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