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1st round of 2024 Miata Spec Series gets rained on

Slippery track conditions prove challenging for participants

Rain really does push the skills of a racing driver. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

While a dry surface will always produce the fastest lap times around a racetrack, it’s wet weather that brings the best out of any driver. In Round 1 of the 2024 Manila Sports Car Club Miata Spec Series, the skies above Batangas Racing Circuit opened up, and the drivers had their work cut out in dealing with reduced visibility and poor grip.

In the Shell Pro Class, Tyson Sy clocked the fastest times and won both races that day. Only two other drivers stood beside him on the podium. Juha Turalba finished third and second, while guest participant Gaby Dela Merced came in second and third in Race 1 and 2, respectively.

These drivers rose to the challenge of competing on a slippery track. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

The BRM Chronographes Masters Class saw Windy Imperial winning Race 1 and finishing second in Race 2, while Michael Jordan (not that Michael Jordan) got third place in Race 1 and claimed victory in Race 2. Rounding out the podium was Jean Dejardin, who came in second (Race 1) and third (Race 2).

Javier Toledo of the GT Radial Sportsman Class emerged victorious in the two races. He was followed by Enzo Celestino and John Bornilla in second and third in both heats, respectively.

The next leg of the 2024 MSCC Miata Spec Series will be held at Clark International Speedway on July 20.

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