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Subaru takes the test-drive experience closer to home

Sampling cars just got safer and more convenient

Experience Subaru cars from the comfort of your home or office. PHOTO BY VINCENT SUAREZ

Subaru cars have never failed to excite anyone lucky enough to sit behind the wheel. This is one of the reasons why any potential buyer looking to acquire a Subaru is highly encouraged to go for a test drive. These days, however, most of us hesitate to venture far from our homes, as the need to protect one’s health and well-being takes precedence over our mobility and normal routines.

Because of this, Subaru has launched a unique way for customers to get a taste of its products in a very safe and rather unique manner. It is called the At-Home Test Drive. Instead of you going over to the showroom to experience the cars, Subaru is bringing the cars right to your doorstep.

Booking a test drive at home could not be any easier. Just call your nearest dealership or simply visit this website, select “Test Drive at Home” and submit the request form. A sales consultant will then contact you to provide confirmation of the test drive schedule and to deliver a short briefing on the safety measures that will be observed during the test drive. The consultant will also address any questions or concerns you may have.

Vehicles are thoroughly sanitized before leaving the dealership. PHOTOS FROM SUBARU

Before your desired test drive vehicle arrives, it is thoroughly disinfected at key points such as the steering wheel, gear lever, door handles, front seats and the center console. Sanitation tags are displayed as proof of this work being completed. The level of protection goes the extra mile as even the key fob comes with the car in a sealed bag.

Sales consultants implement health and safety measures. PHOTOS BY VINCENT SUAREZ

Sales consultants adhere to strict safety protocols such as temperature checks and change of clothes. Equipped with personal protective equipment such as face masks and surgical gloves, they are trained to check your body temperature using a contactless scanner and will require you to fill out a health declaration form for contact tracing purposes. The test drive then proceeds as it normally would, just like in any Subaru dealership.

Test drives have never been this convenient. PHOTOS BY VINCENT SUAREZ

One major benefit of Subaru’s At-Home Test Drive is that you can test the cars on roads that you actually drive on. You can get a feel for the car at an environment that is familiar to you and is actually part of your daily commute. This is the closest you can get to experiencing what the car would be like to live with, which is exactly what you want to find out from a test drive.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Subaru Philippines.


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