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Finding a used car for safer travel during these times

In a pandemic, people need to get around without the risks

Looking for (or selling) a used vehicle? Carousell is the online place to go to. SCREENSHOT FROM CAROUSELL

Mobility is an indelible aspect of life. Despite the availability of online resources, many of us must still move about in the physical world to maximize productivity and perform essential tasks. Given the health safety risks involved in our inadequate public transportation, the next sensible step is to acquire a vehicle in order to get both the struggling economy and our lives back on track. Let’s keep it simple, smart and convenient. Under these circumstances, the Internet is definitely the go-to means for car-shopping.

But what should people consider when searching for a used car online? Ideally, shoppers should veer toward reputable brands that are known for reliability and serviceability. If you’re unsure about a vehicle or if you stumble upon a deal that is way too good to be true, move on to the next. It would also be wise to know what service centers and dealerships are near your home to avoid unnecessarily long trips for vehicle maintenance or repairs.

Other important factors to consider are vehicle age (ideally no older than eight years old, but preferably five years old or below), mileage (preferably something below 50,000km), service history (maintained by legitimate shops), and accident record (depending on the trustworthiness of the selling party). As the buyer, you have a right to know specific details about the vehicle you are interested in. Never hesitate to ask and avoid sellers that dodge inquiries or display a lack of transparency.

Now that we’ve set the general guidelines, why is it a good time to buy a vehicle? Obviously, the prices around the secondhand-car market are especially attractive due to the economic recession. Also, there are owners or families that, out of practicality, will choose to downsize what’s in their garage, and find their way onto the digital marketplace.

Whether anyone wishes to sell his or her car or purchase a quality used vehicle, one name is the common denominator for online used-vehicle trade. It’s a platform that supports the above-mentioned buying guidelines while creating a pleasant and trustworthy environment for car-shopping. This is Carousell, formerly OLX.

With a very user-friendly format, Carousell provides a healthy virtual avenue for sellers and buyers alike, be it experienced ones or beginners. A well-organized menu with filter options allows for specific searches based on needs and budgets. Focused on creating an atmosphere of confidence and trust, ratings and seller verification are provided along with contact options to establish communication between the parties.

Here are some current listings for quality used cars from verified sellers:







These listings were selected based on the guidelines mentioned, price, current buying trends (small cars and crossover vehicles), and seller verification/ratings. It would be appropriate to check the seller profile to see how long the seller has been in this business, and to browse other listings found in said account. More often than not, an established seller who has been offering used cars for a considerable period of time would be safer to deal with and can even provide financing options as well.

Nothing beats the convenience of online car-shopping (and selling) in this day and age with a plethora of choices just a search away. Begin your journey to a safer way of mobility today by trying out or downloading the Carousell app now, and own that safe four-wheel bubble for you and your family.

This branded article was produced in partnership with Carousell Philippines.


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