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Trip Machine leather products now available to complete your retro bike

Handmade with love (at least, that’s the claim)

Premium handmade leather accessories to perfectly match your ride. PHOTO FROM TRIP MACHINE

Retro is an enduring theme among style-focused motorcycle lovers, but it has always been a challenge to get quality, matching accessories for one’s steed where functionality has always tended to be prioritized over style.

That need is now being addressed with the arrival of Trip Machine Company, a high-quality line of handcrafted, leather accessories from India.

A retro bike deserves a retro saddlebag. PHOTO FROM TRIP MACHINE

“Chief Riding Officer” Siddharth Singh founded the company in 2016, having gotten an epiphany while riding an old motorcycle. “The idea was simple: to make the world of motorcycles a beautiful place to ride,” he says. “We started crafting gear the only way we knew—slow and immaculate with our hands. Gear that was forged with the old-school mindset of ‘build to last.’ Crafted to stay by your ride for years, collecting memories along the way.”

Trip Machine has an extensive lineup of leather goods for bike and rider. PHOTOS FROM TRIP MACHINE

This is because, for Siddharth and his tribe, a motorcycle is more than a mere conveyance. It’s about personal expression, a loyal steed with which to discover new places and see different cultures. Quality accessories further transform the ride to make it a wholly complete experience.

To that end, Trip Machine is proud of the vintage look and feel of its products, which includes saddle bags, tank bags, shoe covers, and even wallets. Each handmade product is made of premium leather for a bespoke look and feel, and like all quality products looks even better as it ages.

Every product is handmade and built to last. PHOTOS FROM TRIP MACHINE

Luggage solutions include the Outlander, Warrior, and Outlaw saddlebags, while the Rambler backpack and Classic Roll Top backpack panniers can also be used off the bike. The company also offers larger duffel bags for longer trips, while pouches and tail bags provide smaller storage solutions.

Today, Trip Machine has over three dozen products, all proudly handcrafted and all beautifully made to last for many years and thousands of miles.

Zach Lucero and Kim Atienza rocking Trip Machine. PHOTOS FROM TRIP MACHINE

Distributed by True North Motorcycle Trading, Trip Machine products are currently available at N Lifestyle by New Nemar (Batangas), Perea Moto District (Makati), and Moto x Culture (Quezon City). More showrooms are scheduled to open this year.

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