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LTO will extend the validity of your license if you behave

One good reason not to act like an idiot behind the wheel

Don't want to experience the hassle of license renewal as often as before? Drive sensibly. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

Any motorist who wants to continue the privilege of operating a motor vehicle must renew his or her driver’s license every five years. Soon though, we might only need to renew our licenses once every decade if we promise to become sensible road users.

Land Transportation Office chief Edgar Galvante told reporters last June that law-abiding motorists can start renewing their licenses with an extended, 10-year validity. In a report by the Philippine News Agency, Galvante said motorists will only have “to come back only once every 10 years for you to renew your license but that is if you are not delinquent — meaning, you do not have violations.”

With the signing into law of Republic Act 10930 in 2017, a demerit system was institutionalized. Under this system, drivers who get apprehended for traffic infractions within a 5-year period will get a demerit on their licenses. Depending on the number of demerits accumulated, the license can be suspended or revoked. Likewise, if the driver makes no major violations within the prescribed period, he or she becomes eligible for a license with a 10-year validity. Public utility drivers get twice the number of demerit points for the violations they’ll make. Holders of student permits and their driver-instructors will also be held liable under the demerit system.

You can renew your license every 10 years provided you don’t have any violations.

If road rules and regulations are properly enforced, we believe that extending the validity of driver’s licenses can help lessen accidents on the road. This can also curb the commission of crimes and ultimately breed better, more responsible motorists.

As with any other good laws and policies of the government, the success of this move is only as good as its implementation. We sincerely hope that this will rekindle our sense of responsibility and lead us to become better drivers. Imagine how safer our roads will be if everybody would follow traffic laws, show more respect for others, and better appreciate the virtue of discipline.

Red Santiago

A jack of all trades, Red is passionate about cars, motorcycles and audio. He sometimes drives for a ride-hailing app company—just because he really loves driving.