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Gogoro PH says its Smartscooters can be used on national roads

The e-scooter company speaks up amid the MMDA’s resolution

Gogoro Philippines would be doomed if its e-scooters were affected by the e-bike ban. PHOTO FROM GOGORO

The recent announcement of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has ruffled the feathers of several e-bike distributors. One of these is Gogoro Philippines, which has just issued a statement in response claiming that its Smartscooters are not covered by those restrictions.

The e-scooter company cites the classification system of the Land Transportation Office. Its products—particularly the SuperSport, the Delight, and the S2 Premium—fall under Category L3. This is comprised of electric two-wheelers capable of going faster than 50km/h with licensing and registration already required.

The fact that Gogoro Philippines has had to respond shows the confusion brought about by the MMDA’s unclear definition of what an e-bike actually is. While these Smartscooters can still be considered one, they can’t be treated the same way as something like a Hatasu Kumi or a pedal-assist bicycle, which both top out at 25km/h.

If anything, perhaps the MMDA should refer to our guide to prevent further confusion.

Leandro Mangubat

Leandro is our staff writer. Although having a background in mechanical engineering, he enjoys photography and writing more.