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What’s up with supercars not having front license plates?

Do they have mounting points for front plates?

You can fit front plates on a Lamborghini. PHOTO FROM LAMBORGHINI

Even to non-enthusiasts, having license plates bolted to both ends of the car is a no-brainer. But a few weeks ago, we posted a video of the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic apprehending a purple Lamborghini Huracán which doesn’t have a front license plate or a conduction sticker.

According to the agency, the driver was able to furnish documents proving that the car was indeed registered and already had plates, and the apprehending officer was more than happy to let the person go with just a warning.

The burning question now is if a vehicle like a Lamborghini really does have mounting points for a front license plate. And judging from various press photos of the Huracán and others of its type, they show that there are indeed provisions for it. They differ depending on the model, but the bottom line is that they can be fitted with front plates.

Even a Bugatti hypercar can have front license plates. PHOTOS FROM ASTON MARTIN, BUGATTI AND FERRARI

I asked several people—including our very own Botchi Santos (who is a sports-car owner himself)—about the reason why supercar owners choose to not have front plates. Some say that they want a clean look, while others think that the front plate disrupts the aerodynamics.

The strangest reason I’ve heard is for privacy. Owners apparently don’t want to be seen or identified. But truthfully, it’s hard not to get noticed in, say, a bright-orange McLaren with a screaming engine shooting flames out of the exhaust pipe.

But according to Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 released by what was previously known as Department of Transportation and Communications, failure to attach motor-vehicle license plates is an offense and carries a P5,000 fine.

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