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Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology deploys graduates to Japan

This year, there are 26 automotive technicians with 42 more on the way

Two TMP Tech graduates are now working at the Toyota Corolla Aiho facility in Nagoya, Japan. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

With the increasing global demand for automotive technicians, the Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology has created opportunities to send Filipino talents abroad to such countries as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

With strategic partnerships with Toyota Motor Corporation and Hino, TMP Tech is now able to send its graduates to serve in Japan’s after-sales workforce.

Would you want to have the same opportunity as these TMP Tech graduates? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

TMP Tech was first established in 2013, and founded by TMC honorary chairman Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and Toyota Motor Philippines founding chairman Dr. George S.K. Ty with the goal of becoming a world-class automotive technical educational institution.

Its goal is to empower Filipino youth to prepare them for employment opportunities in the Toyota network both locally and internationally.

These TMP Tech graduates are bound for Hino dealerships in Japan. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The technical school takes pride in its curriculum as it equips graduates via specialized courses and actual training at a Toyota dealership. Japanese language and cultural training are also held to help the graduates adapt to a foreign working environment.

These graduates also have Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) national certifications equivalent to the level of pro-technician of the global training program Toyota Education Automotive Mastery for the 21st Century (TEAM 21).

Border restrictions are easing soon, so the second batch of TMP Tech graduates can make their way to Japan. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

From March to May this year, 26 TMP Tech graduates were deployed in Japan, having satisfied the working requirements in 16 prefectures. The next batch of 42 graduates is set to join within the year as border restrictions are eased. Thanks to this collaboration, Filipinos will be given the opportunity to fulfill the demand for highly skilled automotive technicians in Japan.

Leandro Mangubat

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