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Now is a good time to drive home a Mazda

Three-year free service plan extended to five years

Buyers can now have their Mazda vehicles serviced for free for five years or 100,000km. IMAGE FROM MAZDA

Mazda cars these days are bucking the trend of what the driving public expects from a humdrum family car. Simply put, the Japanese automaker proves that you can make a reliable runabout stylish and fun to drive—qualities that make its products a joy to own. And now, Mazda is giving consumers even more good reasons to take home one of its cars.

Mazda Philippines is extending its three-year free service plan—also known as Yojin3—to five years. That’s right. Five years. Customers can now enjoy a worry-free ownership experience as the plan covers preventive maintenance services in six-month or 10,000km intervals for up to five years or 100,000km, whichever comes first. And don’t even think that Mazda will be skimping on quality because of the complimentary nature of this service. Aside from covering the costs for scheduled replacement parts, the automaker will also be using premium-grade Shell Helix Professional lubricants said to be ideal for Skyactiv engines.

Finally, as a token of appreciation for customers who have placed their trust in the brand during these difficult times, Mazda says that all vehicles purchased from April 2020 onward are automatically eligible for the five-year free service plan.

Miggi Solidum

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