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These dioramas of Aurora Boulevard and EDSA are astonishing

Thankfully, they don’t feature wayward motorcycle riders

It would be nice to wake up to this sight inside your own bedroom. PHOTO BY ANN JUN

Many readers accuse us of being too ‘selective’ in the photos (or the videos) that we accommodate from the VISOR faithful. They don’t believe us when we say that the main reason we are unable to publish the content that they submit is that, well, we don’t even see it in the first place.

Take this, for example. These stunning photographs of dioramas featuring motoring scenes in Metro Manila met our faculty of sight just this week. We swear this is the first time we’ve laid eyes on them.

If you pass Aurora Boulevard every day, these scenes should be familiar to you. PHOTOS BY ANN JUN

These pictures were sent by reader Ann Jun almost two years ago—on August 14, 2022, to be exact.

“I’m an avid reader of your posts,” he wrote back then. “I would like to share with you my Aurora Boulevard and EDSA dioramas.”

He also gave us a brief background of himself.

“I’ve been a die-cast collector since 2002, and I’ve been building dioramas for a decade,” he shared. “I’m not an architect or an engineer, and I’m just doing this as my hobby to relieve myself from the stress brought about by my daily commute. My dioramas still have many imperfections, though.”

Amazing how these miniature toy cars really remind you of the stressful vibe of EDSA. PHOTOS BY ANN JUN

Actually, this talented reader sent us a photo of an undisciplined road user last Monday, which was how we saw his old message (it had been buried deep in our Messenger inbox). Obviously, his dioramas are infinitely more interesting than stubborn e-trike drivers.

So, believe us when we tell you that the reason we haven’t published your photos/videos could be because we haven’t seen them. And that’s not to brag that we get a lot of contributions, but well, it is what it is. In other words, we are not necessarily ignoring you.

If you want to see more dioramas by Ann Jun, click here.

Vernon B. Sarne

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