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Waymo and Zeekr collaborate to develop autonomous car for ride-hailing

The One will be catering to customers in the United States

This car will soon be looking for riders in US cities. PHOTO FROM GEELY GROUP

You may have heard of Waymo and Zeekr in the past. The former an autonomous-driving specialist that has partnered with many manufacturers like those under Stellantis to help further the development of self-driving technologies. On the other hand, the latter is a Geely-owned EV brand in China that’s targeting the premium market to go up against the likes Tesla, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

We do know that Zeekr products are only going to be released in the People’s Republic and other select markets, but it looks like the United States will soon get a taste of its electric vehicles in the form of the Waymo One. This is an autonomous vehicle made for ride-hailing services. The cabin can come with or without driver controls, and can be configured depending on user requirements and location.

Will the lack of a steering wheel be a concern for the Waymo One's passengers? PHOTOS FROM GEELY GROUP

Zeekr will be the one designing and developing the said vehicle, while Waymo will be providing its Waymo Driver technology. There are still no details on when the One will be hitting the streets, so there’s still plenty of time for the public to get acquainted and comfortable with the idea of self-driving vehicles for hire.

It’s easy to get excited for the rapidly developing future of self-driving vehicles, but we should also remember that the tech is in its infancy as seen in this accident with the Toyota e-Palette back in August this year.

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