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Updated Subaru XV gets GT Edition goodies

If you find the standard model a little bit dull

The GT Edition upgrades subtly spice up the XV. PHOTO FROM SUBARU

During our review of the updated Subaru XV, we liked its ability to squeeze in plenty of standard features in a compact package. It doesn’t drive like the usual crossover as its Impreza underpinnings give it stable handling and a pleasant ride. But one thing that might turn off potential buyers is the sea of black trim.

This is why just like the outgoing XV, the new one gets a GT Edition version. It has all of the toys of the standard 2.0i-S like EyeSight, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. But the exterior gets a dash of contrasting hues in the form of sporty bodykit, which mainly consists of bumper garnishes and a rear spoiler.

The add-ons are purely aesthetic, but at least they're not tacky. PHOTOS FROM SUBARU

It also gets different wheels, a bespoke leather interior, and the usual GT Edition badges. Just like the Forester GT Edition, the XV GT Edition’s add-ons were penned by Masahiko Kobayashi, Subaru’s former designer responsible for no fewer than 12 of its production models. The kit is engineered by auto-body specialist Giken Co. Ltd.

The XV GT Edition can be yours for P2,008,000. Subaru is currently offering an introductory discount of P210,000.

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