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Toyota will globally unveil the Land Cruiser Prado on August 2

Can’t wait for the big day?

Are you excited for the full reveal of the new Land Cruiser Prado? PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

Perhaps the most anticipated enthusiast vehicle from Toyota for 2023 is the all-new fifth-generation Land Cruiser Prado. It will finally be unveiled via online global streaming on August 2 (10am Japan Standard Time or 9am local Philippine time).

The unveiling and presentation will be in Japanese, with English translation. A copy of the entire presentation video will also be made available. Aside from a dedicated microsite, the unveiling will also be broadcast live on Toyota’s official YouTube channel.

It's big and boxy, and it is a proper off-roader. What's not to like? PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

The Prado has a rich history that traces its roots to as far back as 1984 with the first three-door Land Cruiser 70 Light (J70) in Japan, then to the first proper Land Cruiser Prado from 1990, and to today’s highly sophisticated current model.

The key speaker for the launch is Simon Humphries, a member of Toyota’s board of directors and also the company’s chief branding officer.

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