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Toyota shows off modified GR cars at 2022 SEMA Show

Its sports cars were customized for different racing disciplines

The SEMA Show is the perfect time for manufacturers to exhibit vehicles modified with aftermarket parts, so Toyota has taken the opportunity to showcase its Gazoo Racing models customized for a variety of racing disciplines such as rallying, drag racing, drifting, and circuit racing.

GR Corolla Rally Concept. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The GR Corolla Rally Concept takes inspiration from the GR Yaris Rally1 WRC car to transform the 2023 GR Corolla Circuit Edition into an off-road machine. This uses the same in-line-three engine as the GR Yaris, while its carbon-fiber bodykit makes the vehicle lightweight and aerodynamic.

10-Second Twins. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

The 10-Second Twins are a pair of GR Supras tuned for drag racing with a budget of $10,000 (P587,000.00) for modifications. To achieve a quarter-mile time of 10.984 seconds, parts such as a single turbo and CSF high-performance intercoolers were installed for more power.


The GR86 Daily Drifter is a project car by Larry Chen who wanted a Formula Drift car that average car enthusiasts could build at home. It has bodykit from HKS and structural parts such as braces from Toyota GR along with transmission and suspension modifications needed for going sideways.


The GR86 Cup Car was designed exclusively to compete in the one-make GR Cup in North America. To make it race-ready, parts such as Stratasys custom bodywork, Alcon brakes, a Sadev six-speed transmission, specially designed MacPherson struts by Toyota GR North America, and an OMP roll cage were used.

Leandro Mangubat

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