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This camera rig is based on a Ferrari race car

This 488 Challenge Evo can film vehicles at high speed

Racing scenes should not be a problem for this camera rig. PHOTO FROM RALLE

Part of the magic that comes with car chases in movies is produced by the mobile camera rig. This is a vehicle equipped with an arm that has a gyro-stabilized camera at the end. SUVs are usually chosen as platforms for cameras because of their sturdy frames and ability to take on rough terrain. What they can’t do, however, is drive fast on smooth tarmac.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo you see here is the brainchild of Ralle, a UK-based media company specializing in automotive short films. Clearly sticking out of the front trunk is a flexible arm that’s supporting a camera mount. The reason for using the Italian race car as a mobile camera rig is because the firm wants to create content on racetracks and similar venues.

The stabilized mount must work overtime to keep the camera steady. PHOTOS FROM RALLE

In theory, the 488 Challenge Evo will be able to keep up with more or less anything it is filming at high speeds. Given the car’s real purpose as a racing machine, straight-line and cornering performance shouldn’t really be an issue. But because the 488’s suspension practically has no travel, one of the technical challenges is making a mount that can compensate for the harsh ride and allow the camera to film steadily.

There is no information about the camera equipment that is currently mounted on the car in these pictures, in case you’re interested. But whatever the filming gear, we think the rental fee for the 488-based rig will not be cheap. If you have to ask how much the base car costs, odds are that you can’t afford this.

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