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These neon-colored Rolls-Royce cars will brighten up your day

Either that or they will make your eyes hurt

You're going to get more stares in this neon-green Wraith than in a bright red Ferrari. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Think of Rolls-Royce and you usually imagine gently colored opulence. Luxurious cocoons on wheels that ferry the elite around in subtle shades of black, silver or gray. Imposing, sure, but never too in-your-face. Now, take a look at the three cars depicted here and forget everything you ever thought applied when it came to hand-built British cars and the concept of visual understatement. What you are looking at is a trilogy of Rolls-Royce Black Badge models called Neon Nights, and its purpose is to stand out from the crowd as much as possible.

This Dawn's paint job is said to be inspired by a Hawaiian tree. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Believe it or not, the boutique carmaker claims that the inspiration for these three colorful cruisers was from Mother Nature. The Wraith is painted Lime Rock Green, a tone usually worn by an Australian tree frog. The mighty Cullinan showcases a shade of Mirabeau Blue taken from a Latin American butterfly called Rhetus periander  (we assume painting a 2.5-ton SUV in the same color as a fragile and tiny flying creature is some sort of attempt at British humor). Finally, the Dawn is presented in Eagle Rock Red, a hue otherwise found on an evergreen tree native to Hawaii called the Ōhi‘a lehua.

The Smurfs will probably like this Cullinan very much. PHOTO FROM ROLLS-ROYCE

Created by the firm’s Bespoke Collective, a special department filled with designers, engineers and craftspeople whose only purpose in life is to make even the most outlandish customer request a reality, the three cars were originally designed for the American market. However, knowing full well that there are more than three extrovert millionaires with a love for luxury cars on this planet, the Brits have decided to create a small run of four vehicles in each color. If you’re not quick enough to get one of them, then you will have to choose your preferred exterior shade from one of the other 44,000 the company has available. Tough choice, we know.

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