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Is this the world’s fastest car you’ve never heard of?

The company behind the fantastic Corbellati Missile claims as much

Do you believe the outrageous specs of this car? PHOTO FROM CORBELLATI

One easy way to get some publicity when you’re a lesser-known car company is to simply make some outlandish claim, knowing that automotive magazines from around the globe are bound to pick it up and turn it into an attention-grabbing headline. The story gets even more interesting when the car company in question has never built a car before, but still publishes absolutely outrageous performance claims for its first creation. Meet the Corbellati Missile, supposedly the fastest hypercar you’ve never heard of.

The aptly named Missile is apparently the work of an Italian family firm of jewelers and artists, who presumably got bored with making rings and necklaces, and decided to assemble a different type of shiny object. Just how exactly that decision-making process worked will probably remain a mystery, but what is known are the outright ludicrous performance figures touted for this automobile.

The car looks almost like a joke from this angle. They can't be serious, can they? Can they?! PHOTO FROM CORBELLATI

The 4.67m-long and 2.04m-wide Missile is said to be powered by a 9.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that churns out 1,800hp and a tarmac-destroying 2,350Nm of torque. Okay, we’re trying hard not to laugh or sneer. Anyone brave or mad enough to drive it will have to get all that power on the ground with the help of a six-speed transmission, and then look forward to an experience that will feel equal to riding a cannonball, as Corbellati is seriously claiming an estimated top speed in excess of 500km/h. Whether the carbon-ceramic disc brakes fitted to the car will be enough to slow it down also remains to be seen. But the more important question in our head is whether the vehicle can truly go that fast in the first place.

While the claims made by this company are eye-catching, they leave a lot of things to be explained. It took an experienced supercar manufacturer like Bugatti years and an army of highly skilled engineers to build a cutting-edge sub-500km/h high-speed weapon like the Chiron, and while such a top speed makes for great headlines, the reality of material physics will probably destroy the goal of the Missile as quickly as centrifugal forces will tear its tires apart at that speed.

Let’s wait and see if the virtually unknown Corbellati can pull it off. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that an Italian looked at existing supercars and said: “Nah, I can do that better.” Having said that, we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out these guys were merely trolling everyone.

Frank Schuengel

Frank is a German e-commerce executive who loves his wife, a Filipina, so much he decided to base himself in Manila. He has interesting thoughts on Philippine motoring. He writes the aptly named ‘Frankly’ column.