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The Volvo Concept Recharge could be a sign of future wagons

Vehicle debuts dedicated platform for electric cars

The Concept Recharge does have a bit of the classic 240 in it. PHOTO FROM VOLVO

Volvo’s future clearly rests on completely ditching fossil fuels, but the automaker’s EVs so far have been adaptations of models that run on gasoline or diesel. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is imperative that the company develop a bespoke platform upon which its upcoming electric cars will be based. That platform debuts in the Concept Recharge, and it sports a rather familiar shape.

The slim, elongated windows look like they were inspired from Volvo wagons of yore like the 240 and the 850. These vehicles were always loved for their versatility and practicality—qualities that made them very popular with families. The brand didn’t mention which cars the Concept Recharge was modeled after, but it wouldn’t be surprising if its wagons influenced the design.

Reducing the size of the wheels will turn this into a good-looking wagon. PHOTOS FROM VOLVO

As for the dedicated EV platform, Volvo says that by removing the engine and placing the battery underneath, the floor can be made well and truly flat. The protrusions that come from things like driveshafts and exhaust pipes are practically eliminated, allowing EVs of the future to have long wheelbases and short overhangs. And long-wheelbase vehicles typically have more interior room.

Given the demand for crossovers around the world, the first vehicle that will be based on the new platform will be an SUV. However, we do hope that Volvo does indeed return to its wagon ways—even on electric power.

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