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The GMC Hummer EV electric truck now has an SUV version

A family-friendly version of GM’s zero-emissions off-roader

Those who miss the H2 and the H3 will be delighted with the return of a Hummer SUV. PHOTO FROM GMC

Given the popularity of pickups these days, GM’s decision to debut the GMC Hummer EV as an electric truck was a prudent one. But for a lot of people, the image of a Hummer has always been that of an SUV. They don’t have to wait long for one, though, as there is a sport-utility vehicle bearing that name once again.

It’s simply called the Hummer EV SUV. And it can blast off to 100km/h in a very brisk 3.5 seconds, something that its gas-powered predecessors couldn’t really do. Equipped with GM’s in-house Ultium electric drive system, the Hummer EV SUV’s powertrain packs up to 830hp and an estimated 15,592Nm—probably enough to tow a small planet. Treat the accelerator gently and over 483km of range can be had from a full charge.

Poking the 830hp electric powertrain once in a while should be good fun. PHOTO FROM GMC

The Hummer EV SUV will also be equipped with an improved iteration of the clever Super Cruise system. This allows the vehicle to be driven hands-free on a network covering 322,000km of approved roads. According to GM, Super Cruise is a much safer way of implementing the self-driving solution with its system of preselected roads that meet standards for the system’s operation.

But even with all this high-tech wizardry for on-road use, the Hummer EV SUV will still be perfectly at home when leaving the tarmac. Certain trim levels will come with four-wheel steering and CrabWalk, which can orient the wheels so that the vehicle can “crab” or drive sideways. The optional Extreme Off-Road package has extra goodies, such as 35-inch tires, undercarriage protection, differential locks, heavy-duty half-shafts, and UltraVision cameras.

We like the fact that GMC decided to expose the spare tire at the rear. PHOTO FROM GMC

Production is targeted to begin in early 2023. Eager buyers can make their reservations now for the car’s First Edition trim level, which starts at $105,595 (P5.1 million). That is bumped up to $110,595 (P5.4 million) with the addition of the Extreme Off-Road package. Lesser variants will be available after that, with the cheapest one retailing for $79,995 (P3.9 million).

So, the Hummer EV pickup or the Hummer EV SUV?

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