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Red Bull’s RB19 is Milton Keynes’s title-defender for 2023

But you have a chance to design a custom livery for the car

The Red Bull Racing Ford Powertrains announcement overshadowed the RB19's debut. PHOTO FROM RED BULL RACING

While all the news has been around Red Bull Racing‘s recent partnership with Ford for the 2026 season, there was one more thing that was shown off during the press conference, and it was the team’s latest livery for its 2023 contender, the RB19.

Even we could not spot the differences compared to last year's car. PHOTOS FROM RED BULL RACING

There’s a good reason that this was mostly overlooked, as you’re looking at mostly the same livery as last year’s RB18, complete with the bigger Honda logo found on the engine cover. Of course, the dummy shown off at the event is not the final vehicle, so you can expect distinct changes once the vehicle heads to Bahrain for preseason testing on February 23 to 25.

Who would pass up the opportunity to design their own F1 livery? PHOTOS FROM RED BULL RACING

But wait, there’s more. For the three US-based Grands Prix (Miami, Austin, and Las Vegas), Red Bull will be hosting a competition called “Make Your Mark,” where it will run three different fan-designed custom liveries on its cars. To be clear, you won’t be able to redesign the entire car, just the side chassis and the end plates.

If your design does get chosen, you (and a plus-one) will be flown out to the respective race, and also undergo a garage tour during the race weekend. It’s an international contest, by the way, so if you’re interested, you can enter via this link.

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