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Porsche amps up the Taycan for 2024

Now with even more power, baby!

As if the Taycan wasn't already fast enough. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

Remember the pre-series Porsche Taycan that came two seconds short of the current electric Nurburgring king’s time?

It seems like the folks at Zuffenhausen have finally pulled the covers off the improved model for this year. The manufacturer is calling it an “extensive update,” due to the significant performance gains over its predecessor.

Such a huge power and range bump for a mid-cycle refresh. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

The all-wheel-drive Taycan Turbo S now makes 700kW (or an eye-popping 939hp). In sedan form, the Turbo S can hit 100km/h in just 2.4 seconds.

The standard rear-wheel-drive Taycan’s power is upped by 60kW (80hp), bumping the total to 360kW (482hp) and decreasing the 100km/h sprint down to 4.8 seconds.

Combined with a larger battery on all variants—up to 105kWh with the Performance Battery Plus—and faster charging rates of up to 320kW, Porsche promises less waiting and more range.

It's lighter even with additional standard goodies. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

The manufacturer states a theoretical WLTP range of up to 678km, but real-world tests have shown it getting up to 587km on a single charge.

These changes are all thanks to an all-new rear-axle motor, a revised pulse inverter and software, more powerful batteries, improved cooling, and a reduced weight of up to 15kg—even with additional equipment and standard adaptive air suspension with optional Porsche Active Ride suspension on all-wheel-drive variants.

Can you spot the changes? PHOTOS FROM PORSCHE

Finally, we get to the changes that we can physically see. New light designs highlight a revised front and a tweaked rear end.

The matrix LED headlights are now flatter, while the Porsche logo in the rear light strip now has a 3D-glass look. This can be optionally illuminated, by the way.

Also, the Turbo and the Turbo S variants get a “Turbonite” accent color to differentiate themselves from standard versions.

Aside from integrated video streaming, this is one of the first few cars with deeper Apple CarPlay integration. PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

The changes inside are mostly found in the software, where the user interface has been revised with additional functionality and deeper integration of Apple CarPlay.

The mode switch control on the steering wheel is standard across all models, and there is a push-to-pass button if your Taycan has the Sport Chrono package and Performance Battery Plus.

Is this still your dream EV? PHOTO FROM PORSCHE

All of these changes will be made available across the three body styles—the Taycan sedan, the Taycan Cross Turismo, and the Taycan Sport Turismo. Four powertrain options can be chosen, and these new cars can be bought in the middle of 2024.

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