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Peugeot PH goes on luxury-van offensive with the Traveller Premium

Only 7 passengers share its 5.3m-long frame

You can have fun getting your friends to say this car's brand correctly. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT

Vans have always been popular with Filipinos. But what’s surprising is that aside from the usual crop of vehicles that appeal to courier companies and business owners, our market has a healthy selection of products that cater to luxury-oriented customers. And it looks like Peugeot Philippines is eager to spoil buyers with even more choices with the Traveller Premium.

Three rows and seven seats mean plenty of room for passengers and cargo. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT

At 5.3m in length, the Traveller Premium is just as long as the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia. But what makes this vehicle quite unique is how it utilizes all of its interior real estate to give its passengers a premium experience. There are only three rows of seats, so legroom will surely not be an issue. The place to be is in the second row with the captain’s chairs that can be rotated to face the rear. Each seat even has a retractable tray table.

But that’s not to say that all other occupants are not pampered. They have access to a panoramic sunroof, mood lighting, a bunch of charging docks (USB ports, 12V sockets, and a 220V outlet), sunshades, and power sliding doors. The guy manning the tiller has a seven-inch infotainment screen with Android and Apple connectivity, and a 3.5-inch heads-up display.

Even the driver gets pampered with these tech features. PHOTO FROM PEUGEOT

Powering the Traveller Premium is a 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine with 150hp and 370Nm. This is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that should have adequately spaced ratios to balance efficiency and cruising performance. Some of the safety features equipped as standard include front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, blind-spot monitoring, and hill-start assist.

The Traveller Premium will be sourced from France. You can have it for P3,100,000, and that includes a three-year (or 100,000km) warranty. If you’re interested to see the vehicle in the metal, it will be on display at the Manila International Auto Show on April 7-10.

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