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Pagani creates ultimate open-top track car with Huayra R Evo

For that al fresco track-day experience

Yes, this Huayra R has no roof. PHOTO FROM PAGANI

Horacio Pagani has unleashed another beautiful creation into the world, and this one might just be the ultimate track car, with a mighty V12 and no roof, but plenty of power and noise.

The Huayra R Evo is the next evolution of the already pretty-hardcore Huayra R track car, and like its predecessor is intended for use on closed circuits only. Powered by an updated version of the famous 6.0-liter V12, it generates a mighty 900hp and 770Nm.

There's more power underneath, but aerodynamics haven't been compromised at all. PHOTOS FROM PAGANI

This increase in oomph compared to the previous version was achieved by Pagani and HWA engineers who not only gave this beast a 9,200rpm redline, but also redesigned certain parts of the powertrain.

The intake manifold has been optimized and new camshafts were fitted, while the control unit was calibrated to squeeze maximum power out of the block and the exhaust system was tweaked to make all that power sound glorious.

The six-speed sequential gearbox was also designed together with HWA, and is exclusive to Pagani track cars. It promises lightning-fast gear shifts, and it weighs just 80kg.

The car actually produces more downforce with its roof off. PHOTOS FROM PAGANI

Aerodynamics was tweaked as well, with the biggest change being the addition of removable roof panels. Contrary to what one might think, going al fresco actually improves aerodynamics, and Pagani claims driving with the panels removed gives 5% more downforce.

Not that the R Evo actually needs any more of that. It already generates 45% more downforce and is 21% more aerodynamically efficient than its predecessor. It also looks really good, with the long-tail-style design, the assertive curves, and the central stabilizing fin.

What color are you getting yours in? PHOTO FROM PAGANI

Thanks to much engineering wizardry and clever use of carbon fiber, this open-top Huayra is 38% stiffer than the version before it while weighing the same. With a dry weight of just 1,060kg, it’s insanely light for a car of this size.

Standing 5.18m in length and 2.03m wide, it’s not exactly small, but you’ll struggle to get a clear glimpse of it when it rushes past you at its stated top speed of 350km/h.

In a world where EVs and hybrids seem to invade all ears of automotive fun, it’s great to see that some carmakers are sticking to good old V12 awesomeness, even if it does cost an arm and a leg. Prices haven’t been revealed yet, but expect it to be well north of €3,000,000 (P180,750,000).

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