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MIAS 2024: GWM PH displays vehicles from its various sub-brands

Diversification seems to be its strategy in our market

Great Wall Motor has a variety of brands under its belt. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has an interesting approach to its brand. In the Philippines, there’s GWM which is associated with Cannon pickup trucks. And then there are subsidiaries such as Haval and Tank that cater to different segments. We can only suspect that the company simply wants to diversify its market reach.

It seems to work, though, as its products have steadily gained popularity in the country. This might be why the firm is now confident enough to show off even more of its marques to the market via the 2024 Manila International Auto Show.

The M6 looks like it is ready to be launched in the country. PHOTOS BY SIMONN ANG

Haval appears to be measuring the demand for crossovers with the M6. At 4,664mm long, it is only just longer than the H6. But interestingly, the M6 will come with a conventional gasoline engine instead of a hybrid powertrain. There are no details on pricing yet, but a full spec sheet at the show suggests that the company is keen on introducing this model to the market very soon.

Is the Menglong just a Tank 300 with a Haval badge? PHOTOS BY SIMONN ANG

Another SUV being previewed by the GWM sub-brand is the Menglong. Given that it doesn’t have an anglicized name, it is likely that we won’t be seeing this car at showrooms anytime soon. The Menglong clearly has some of the design details of the Tank 300, but it has a plug-in hybrid power unit and four-wheel drive. If it’s priced right, we think Filipinos will definitely take notice.

The large Gaoshan can supposedly do over 100km on battery power. PHOTOS BY SIMONN ANG

Also making an appearance is the Wey Gaoshan, which we wrote about last year. Just like the Menglong, the lack of an anglicized name probably means that there are no immediate plans to launch it yet. It can potentially occupy a unique space on the market as most people carriers are not yet electrified. This plug-in hybrid van apparently has 480hp and can do 140km on its battery pack.

The cute and cuddly Ora 03 is now yours to buy. PHOTOS BY SAM SURLA

What is on sale now is the Ora 03. This electric hatchback has been given interesting names in other markets, so we’re relieved that Philippine-spec units have a more conventional moniker. Unusual for a BEV in our market is the fact that the 03 comes in two variants with different battery types. The longer-range one can do 420km.

Trim levels and prices for the 03 are as follows:

  • 500 – P1,778,000
  • 400 – P1,288,000

If you’re interested in any of these cars, come see them up close at World Trade Center on April 4-7.

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