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Suzuki PH launches mild-hybrid version of the XL7

The Ertiga’s fancy twin finally has an electrified powertrain

Hybrid power is now available in the Suzuki XL7. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Any electrified vehicle these days is generally considered expensive. But when Suzuki Philippines launched the Ertiga Hybrid with a starting price of less than a million pesos, it made (mild) hybrid power more accessible to the masses. The vehicle is unique in its segment due to its powertrain, and the automaker wants things to stay that way by offering the same in the upmarket XL7.

Suzuki didn't go overboard with this car's SUV-like styling touches. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

For those not in the know, the XL7 is essentially a more stylish Ertiga. The updated model still has that go-anywhere look with its black plastic exterior trim. There is no need to squint as the Ertiga connection is still clearly visible. But that’s not a bad thing for those who prefer the design of Suzuki’s people carrier over its more curvaceous rivals.

As expected, the interior carries over the good bits of the Ertiga’s updated cabin. The 10-inch touchscreen has Apple and Android phone integration. Contrasting seat trim and silver accents make the ambience feel a little more premium. Finally, the ventilated cupholders will work hard to keep your iced Frappuccino from turning into a warm latte.

The XL7's third row seems big enough for adults. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

You’re probably excited about the fact that the XL7 Hybrid will be exempted from coding. But that won’t be the case because of the powertrain’s mild-hybrid layout. It won’t run on electric power alone, and its 103hp certainly isn’t the last word in straight-line speed. But with assistance from an electric motor and a start-stop system, Suzuki claims that the XL7 Hybrid is up to 13% more efficient in city driving.

Do you think mild-hybrid cars deserve to be exempted from coding? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Variants and prices of the XL7 Hybrid are as follows:

  • Monotone – P1,252,000
  • Two-tone – P1,262,000

Customers who place reservations on March 18-31 can pay a minimum deposit of P5,000 to secure their vehicle. There will also be a P50,000 discount on the SRP for cash and bank purchase order buyers, or a reduced down payment for financing clients.

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