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Ineos unveils pickup truck called the Grenadier Quartermaster

Equipped with proper solid front and rear axles

The Grenadier Quartermaster looks right at home in the bush. PHOTO FROM INEOS

When we wrote about British firm Ineos and its Grenadier off-roader three years ago, we didn’t think it would even last a year after that debut. At the time, COVID-19 was on the rise, and it wasn’t a good period for an unproven automaker with a niche product. When the company said that a double-cab pickup was in the pipeline, we doubted that it would see the light of day.

Do you think militaries around world will order the Quartermaster? PHOTOS FROM INEOS

But Ineos proved us wrong as it had just unveiled the Grenadier Quartermaster. In military terms, a quartermaster is a soldier who is generally responsible for the storage and the distribution of supplies. With that definition in mind, Ineos probably wanted to say that its new vehicle is a tough and flexible tool that could be depended upon out in the bush.

It's hard to type 'Quartermaster' without thinking 'Quarter Pounder.' PHOTOS FROM INEOS

The Quartermaster sits on an extended Grenadier frame to accommodate a load bed. The bed is big enough for a standard Euro-pallet (800mm x 1,200mm) and can carry 760kg. Its towing capacity is 3,500kg for braked trailers just like most pickups in its class. Additionally, the Quartermaster offers more versatility with its 400W power-takeoff unit that can drive a variety of tools. Its wading limit of 800mm is also nothing to scoff at.

The back seat looks spacious and comfy for a double-cab pickup. PHOTO FROM INEOS

Buyers can have the Quartermaster with a choice of BMW six-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine paired with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. It has a proper four-wheel-drive system with a two-speed transfer box and a center differential lock (front and rear differential locks are optional extras). But the Quartermaster’s party piece is its multilink suspension with solid front and rear axles, giving it plenty of articulation when the trails get gnarly.

We like the canvas cover for the load bed. PHOTOS FROM INEOS

Being a relatively new kid on the block, Ineoss market reach is still pretty limited. But if you live in the UK, order books for the Quartermaster are now open with prices starting at £66,215 (P4.72 million).

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