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Hyundai to reveal NPX1 at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

Could it be a hardened one-make track car?

This also marks the company's first time to participate in the show. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Here’s something interesting: Hyundai will be participating in the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon by showing off the NPX1, which appears to be an even-madder version of the racey Ioniq 5 N.

An even hotter version of the Ioniq 5 N or a one-make race car? Only they know. PHOTO FROM HYUNDAI

Details are very scarce, but a closer look at the silhouette reveals a very aggressive front splitter, enlarged fenders, a large swan-neck spoiler, and a massive rear diffuser. If anything, this looks extremely similar to the Ioniq 5 eN1 Cup car, a one-make race version that was previewed at the Hyundai N Festival last December 2023.

This is what the eN1 Cup car will supposedly look like. IMAGE FROM HYUNDAI

The Ioniq 5 N is already a very fast EV to begin with, so one could only imagine just how insane the NPX1 will turn out to be with less weight, more power, better handling, and improved aerodynamics.

Of course, with everything still up in the air, this could also turn out to just be an aero kit for the Ioniq 5 N, but we’ll have to wait and see for the official announcement tomorrow.

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