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6 modified luxury SUVs your mansion needs

For rich owners who just have to spend their money

Luxury SUVs have become immensely popular around the world, with many wealthy people preferring their elevated seating position, the ability to handle flooded roads better, and the general feeling of safety that comes from being surrounded by plenty of expensive sheet metal. If you’re rich and you fancy standing out from the stock-vehicle crowd, here are six modified premium sport-utes that are guaranteed to generate a lot of envious admiration.


1. Lumma CLR GT. German tuning firm Lumma has some goodies in store for any Range Rover Velar owner who thinks that his car doesn’t look imposing enough straight from the factory. The CLR GT Limited Edition is a wide-body conversion created to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, and it turns the already sporty Velar into an aggressive cruiser that rolls on double-five-spoke 22-inch Lumma CLR Racing alloy wheels wrapped in massive 305/35 tires. A carbon-fiber hood and a new exhaust system add to the mix, while power increases for the diesel and petrol versions are currently in the works.


2. Arden F-Pace. Arden is a well-known name in the world of Jaguar tuning, and the company has now added the F-Pace to its portfolio, with customers being able to choose from a number of mostly subtle modifications such as a new grille or spoilers, a sportier suspension, interior accents, and an active exhaust system with six different settings (presumably ranging from sleeping kitten to roaring wildcat). If customers still want things a bit wilder, then power increases are also available, with Arden offering as much as 410hp for the S variant.


3. Mansory Bentayga. Kourosh Mansory has made quite a name for himself as a tuner to the super rich, and his program for the Bentley Bentayga is aimed squarely at members of this money-is-no-object club. Next to a power increase to 691hp for the W12 engine, Mansory also offers wide-bodykit, lots of carbon-fiber bits inside and out, as well as a lowered suspension, new wheels and a sportier exhaust system. Just what you need to pep up that otherwise small and boring SUV from Crewe in the UK.


4. TechArt Macan. Porsche’s little SUV has found many fans since its introduction in 2014, which is probably why German tuner TechArt has developed a pretty comprehensive package for anyone looking to stand out from the Macan crowd. From aero kit to active exhaust systems, the company offers virtually anything a Porsche owner could ask for, with options including completely new interiors and power kit for all engine versions.


5. Heico Sportiv XC60. Volvos have a reputation for being sensible cars for sensible people, with accountants, teachers and architects often found among their stereotypical owners. There is, however, a wild side to these gentle cars from Sweden, and German tuner Heico has made it its mission to unleash that side. Next to rather restrained-looking bodykit and aero parts, the company also offers power increases, and in the case of the latest XC60, these can result in up to 340hp and 400Nm for the 2.0-liter engine in the T6, or in an even more impressive 427hp and 710Nm in the T8 Hybrid version. If a proper wolf in sheep’s clothing is what you’re looking for, then Heico has you covered.


6. Manhart MHX6. Based on the BMW X6 M, this crazy Bavarian creation will make you feel like Mad Max when you thunder down EDSA with 900hp and 1,200Nm, while the exoskeleton roll cage, the BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, the huge fender flares and the two snorkels will help you negotiate even the roughest of roads elsewhere in Metro Manila. The German tuner, however, has stated that the MHX6 is just a concept car, but it may build customer cars if there’s demand (read: if someone sends the company a check for €395,000 or P25,300,000).

Frank Schuengel

Frank is a German e-commerce executive who loves his wife, a Filipina, so much he decided to base himself in Manila. He has interesting thoughts on Philippine motoring. He writes the aptly named ‘Frankly’ column.