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T-Sure makes buying used cars simpler and hassle-free

You are sure to find a good and reliable vehicle here

Buying a used car from a Certified Pre-Owned program helps take off a lot of the stress involved. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Buying a used car has always been a daunting task—from all the uncertainties and the dangers when purchasing from a stranger, to whatever hidden gremlins may be lying dormant in that shiny vehicle you see sitting in a used-car dealership.

This has led to the rise in popularity of Certified Pre-Owned programs by manufacturers.

But not all are created equal, as there are a few such as T-Sure that provide the best option for customers who want a wide range of affordable yet quality and reliable pre-owned cars, just as its tagline of “Sure ka dito!” says.

T-Sure has a leg up over other certified pre-owned programs in the country. PHOTO FROM T-SURE

First, any vehicle that goes through the T-Sure program will have undergone a thorough 211-point inspection. This provides a basis to grade and price the vehicle depending on its condition, and allows the dealership to know what needs to be repaired and reconditioned.

T-Sure's 211-point inspection will find out any issues to be addressed, and these are pointed out to the customer with maximum transparency. PHOTO FROM T-SURE

When undergoing this refurbishing program, each vehicle undergoes a detailing and cleaning service called T-Sure ProCare that allows the exterior, the interior, and the mechanicals to be in the best condition that they can be in.

T-Sure has a wide range of vehicles people can choose from. PHOTOS FROM T-SURE

There is a vehicle for every budget, each at different quality levels. These are divided into the following:

  1. Elite – These are usually the best and are vehicles up to five years old. These are certified and come with a one-year limited warranty on the engine and the transmission.
  2. Value Plus – These vehicles are up to 12 years old. These come with a three-month limited warranty on the engine and the transmission.
  3. Value Lite – You can find vehicles over 12 years old here. These don’t have any warranty.

Each vehicle has undergone a 211-point inspection, comes with an honest and accurate odometer reading, and must pass strict quality standards before being listed for sale.

Everything is done swiftly and smoothly without any hassle. PHOTO FROM T-SURE

Another bonus is that buyers have easy access to Toyota’s Value Chain Services, such as financing, insurance, preventive maintenance servicing, and even accessories. This makes it easy to purchase, own, and add on that bodykit, dashcam, or even window tint without leaving the dealership.

Curious? You can see T-Sure’s available used vehicles and dealership locations on this website. What are you waiting for?

Sure ka sa T-Sure!

This branded article was produced in partnership with Toyota Motor Philippines.


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