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Yamaha PG-1 is now available in Thailand for 64,900 baht

That’s around P103,000 for us

Yamaha is placing a premium on its retro underbone. PHOTO FROM YAMAHA SOCIETY THAILAND

Our preview story on Yamaha’s new retro underbone—the PG-1—generated a lot of interest among our readers, and Yamaha Thailand has finally revealed the suggested retail price for its home market: 64,900 baht (or around P103,280 at the current exchange rate).

That kind of money gets you a 114cc, low-compression (9.3:1) single-cylinder, four-speed transmission with auto clutch, disc/drum brakes, a flat and split seat, a basic telescopic fork, twin rear shocks, and semi-knobby tires.

Based on the online brochure from the Thai website, the instrument panel is a basic analog speedometer, and there doesn’t seem to be a kick start. There is, however, a center stand along with the side stand. Ground clearance is a respectable 190mm.

This could be so much fun to thrash around. PHOTO FROM YAMAHA SOCIETY THAILAND
You'd need to spend more for the cool upgrades, too. PHOTO FROM YAMAHA SOCIETY THAILAND
Basic analog instrumentation here. PHOTO FROM YAMAHA THAILAND

By comparison, the Yamaha Finn with which it shares its engine and transmission is a mere 48,700 baht (P77,500). Yamaha is obviously placing a substantial premium on the PG-1 and hoping the target market will ante up the cash.

Mechanically, locally comparable models would be the Suzuki Raider Crossover (P69,900) and the Honda XRM125 (P73,600), although these two aren’t retro cool like the Yamaha.

If Yamaha Philippines were to bring in the PG-1, would you bite at this kind of pricing?

Andy Leuterio

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