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Tesla’s Cyberquad for Kids is really just for young (and light) riders

Because it has a weight limit of 68kg

Tesla has cars, crossovers, pickup trucks and big rigs. Now, it has a quad bike (for kids). PHOTO FROM TESLA

It’s just a few weeks before Christmas. Malls are bustling with visitors and traffic is already quite bad. And yet, most of us are feeling festive, shopping for gifts and stuff. But if you still haven’t found something to give to your kid, Tesla might just have the perfect toy.

CEO Elon Musk once said that his company will soon be offering an optional all-terrain vehicle for the Cybertruck. But on December 2, an ad for the Cyberquad for Kids popped up on Tesla’s website. According to the automaker, the $1,900 (P96,000) ATV is inspired by the Cybertruck’s design. It can be ordered from the US Tesla Shop and shipped to all 48 continuous states (Alaska and Hawaii residents can cry now).

Just like most of Elon Musk's products, there is crazy demand for the Cyberquad for Kids. PHOTOS FROM TESLA

Recommended for children eight years old and up, the Cyberquad for Kids can carry riders weighing up to 68kg.  It has three speed settings: 8km/h and 16km/h forward, and 8km/h in reverse (which is a bit too fast). Fully charging a dead battery takes five hours. The Cyberquad for Kids has an estimated range of at least 24km, depending on the rider’s weight, the terrain and the speed.

While this could be the perfect gift for your children, Tesla can’t guarantee that these will be arriving at your doorsteps come December 25. Shipping starts in two to four weeks, if you can actually manage to order one as the online shop says that the electric ATV is sold out.

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