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Suzuki opens its newest 3S shop in Talibon, Bohol

This one-stop center combines sales, spare parts, and service in one location

Suzuki's latest 3S shop is located in Talibon, Bohol. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Suzuki is on a roll these days, opening yet another 3S shop in the country. Located in Bohol, the Suzuki Talibon HMAC 3S Shop is the largest yet and will serve as a landmark venue for the manufacturer’s commitment to providing quality motorcycles, parts and service.

The new dealership is the first 3S Shop with HMAC Motors and the 11th with Solid Motorcycle Distributors Inc. HMAC owns the largest Suzuki 3S Shops in the country, and is a subsidiary of SMDI, Suzuki’s long-term dealer-partner.

The showroom floor has a lot of space for customers to choose the bike that best fits their needs. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

Being a 3S shop (sales, spare parts, and service), the dealership is a one-stop store for everything Suzuki—whether for scooters, semi-automatics, underbones, or full manual bikes.

From underbones to big bikes, you can find it all here. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

The Suzuki lineup is well represented in the store, with the Burgman Street, Skydrive Sport, Crossover, Raider R150Fi and Carburetor, Smash, Raider J Crossover, and the Gixxer and GSX series. Finally, a viewing deck allows customers to keep an eye on their bikes while these are being serviced.

“Suzuki 3S Shops are accessible and have high visibility in good and safe conditions,” said Jun Bulot, Suzuki Philippines general manager for Motorcycle Sales and Marketing. “All of these are packed in this store, which is designed tastefully emanating Suzuki’s innovation.”

Andy Leuterio

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