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Jericho Rosales is really, really crazy about motorbikes

Check out his impressive collection of two-wheeled rides

Um, well, if we looked this good with a bike, we’d start riding, too. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERICHO ROSALES

If you drive regularly in Metro Manila, you’ve surely noticed that motorcycles are rapidly growing in number. That’s thanks to more and more people getting sick of riding a four-wheeled vehicle, only to get stuck in extremely clogged traffic. But while many National Capital Region residents are shifting to motorbikes as a convenient (if dangerous) mode of transport, there are some who do it for leisurely purposes. Count the actor Jericho Rosales in this group.

One of the finest actors of our time is an ideal riding ambassador. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

Who knows? Maybe he did start riding a motorcycle to also beat the mind-numbing traffic congestion that our overpopulated megalopolis is cursed with, but if you scroll down Rosales’s Instagram account today, you will only see a passionate rider who travels on two wheels not because he needs to but because he wants to. And, obviously, also because he can.

We wholeheartedly approve of this guy’s fab taste in motorcycles. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

You see, the motorbikes the popular actor uses aren’t cheap. They instantly jump out at you as those only financially successful enthusiasts can afford—mostly café racers, sports bikes and scooters by Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Triumph and Vespa.

He proves you can’t beat the mobility a fast motorcycle provides. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

Thankfully, Rosales isn’t just some publicity-hungry celebrity or influencer who’s only posting fancy motorcycle photos on social media just because it’s the cool thing to do these days. He’s legit. In fact, he even has a riding crew called The Brap Pack, whose other members include Paolo Abrera, Ryan Agoncillo, Drew Arellano and Sid Maderazo.

We love the inclusion of safety helmets in the pictures. Take note. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

Based on his captions, Rosales rides to find himself and appreciate God’s goodness (he’s a Christian).

His cool motorbikes are the stuff of our dreams. Time to save up. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

Such is his handlebar obsession that he convinced wife Kim Jones to ride her own motorbike (but not before enrolling her at the Honda Safety Driving Center).

Who says lovely fashion models can’t ride? Ms. Kim Jones rocks. INSTAGRAM POST BY JERICHO ROSALES

If you’re also into motorbikes, we guarantee you’ll have a blast looking at Rosales’s Instagram posts. We know we did.

It’s going to be hard not to want to hop on a bike after seeing these. INSTAGRAM POSTS BY JERICHO ROSALES

It’s great having a good guy like Jericho Rosales be an ambassador for the motorcycle community. If all you picture in your head when you hear “motorbike rider” is some reckless and stupid road user, know that there are also the responsible ones who don’t give their kind a bad name.

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