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A guy ‘busted’ a Banawe auto parts store for overpricing

Was he right to do so, or was he wrong for not researching?

Have you had your car fixed on Banawe Street in Quezon City? SCREENSHOT FROM LINDBERGH FALQUEZA

So a video of a supposedly disgruntled customer of a Banawe auto parts store is getting shared today on social media. The content was posted by a Facebook page attributed to a person named Lindbergh Falqueza. It is not clear if that is the name of the complainant in the video, but here is the guy:

This dude availed of a service package before shopping around. SCREENSHOT FROM LINDBERGH FALQUEZA

According to the man, he went to EMD Car Accessories on Banawe Street in Quezon City. As you know, Banawe is the go-to place for stores selling new and used car parts. Apparently, the subject had his car fixed at EMD and got charged P22,510 for parts and labor.

This Banawe store offers higher-priced parts and services. SCREENSHOTS FROM LINDBERGH FALQUEZA

Suspecting that he got overcharged, he went to another store called Toyorama (also on Banawe) to see how much the same items were sold there. He then found out that the same parts and labor cost P7,120 and P3,500, respectively, for a total amount of just P10,620. That’s less than half of what he had paid EMD for basically the same package.

It turns out other stores along Banawe have much lower prices. SCREENSHOTS FROM LINDBERGH FALQUEZA

So he went back to EMD and demanded to speak to the owner, who eventually admitted that his store had indeed overcharged him. The owner then offered to refund him the amount of P5,000. The complainant accepted. End of story.

The store owner offered to return P5,000 to the complainant. SCREENSHOTS FROM LINDBERGH FALQUEZA

Now, if you read the comments, people are somehow divided in their reaction to the video. One group is commending the guy for going out of his way to expose the store’s overpriced items and services. But then another group is criticizing him for agreeing to the service before conducting his “market research.”

Where do you stand on this? Whatever your sentiment, we guess the main lesson to be learned here is this: Always make it a habit to ask around and compare prices first before parting with your hard-earned money. There are too many unscrupulous businesses out there that won’t think twice about conning the gullible. You’re really on your own if you fail to conduct due diligence in every transaction you enter into.

Vernon B. Sarne

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