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MMDA suspends number-coding for April 9 and 10

In response to the two back-to-back regular holidays

Are you prepared for the holiday exodus of travelers? PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

Didn’t file a leave or stay behind for the long weekend?

You’ll be pleased to know that the MMDA has announced the suspension of the number-coding scheme for Tuesday (April 9) and Wednesday (April 10) for the Araw ng Kagitingan and the Start of Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr), respectively.

As of this writing, Makati has not announced if it will be suspending its implementation of number-coding as well, but you can expect the city to follow suit as it usually does. Plan your trips well and anticipate the volume of vehicles both leaving and entering the megalopolis.

Sam Surla

Sam is the youngest member of our editorial team. And he is our managing editor (believe it or not). He specializes in photography and videography, but he also happens to like writing about cars a lot.