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Metro Manila is a ghost town this time of the year

As the living leave town to honor the departed

When was the last time you saw a road this empty? If only everyday traffic were like this. PHOTO BY FRANK SCHUENGEL

As the nation observes All Souls’ Day today, November 2, we can’t help but marvel at how Metro Manila turns into a virtual ghost town this time of the year. Which makes for some truly remarkable photographs if you’re in the mood to drive or cycle around and snap away to document car-free visuals of the usually congested megalopolis. The roads are particularly deserted now as the long weekend inspired many residents to get out of town—not necessarily to go to their family’s cemetery but just to escape.

As for us, we see no point in escaping as Metro Manila becomes such a pleasant place to stay in during this season. Besides, we miss seeing these streets without having to crawl at 5km/h and without the deafening noise from all the incessant honking of angry motorists. Check out these photos. Just looking at them makes us want to go for a spin and scour the city for some greasy food. You know what? We’ll do exactly that. Ciao!

No, we almost did not recognize these pics. PHOTOS BY FRANK SCHUENGEL

Vernon B. Sarne

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