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Don’t be confused: Here are the expressway speed limits

Better be informed when using your favorite tollways

The speed limit on Skyway Stage 3 is uniformly set at 60km/h. PHOTO FROM PIXABAY

We totally get the urge to drive fast. Being cooped up in the tight streets of Metro Manila, we all get tempted to step on it when the road opens up. However, there is this tiny thing that plagues our multilane expressways: speed limit.

You can argue all day long that the 100km/h cap is a bit outdated, and that some of the newer tollways can handle much higher speeds. But the fact remains that speed limits are still there, and sadly none of us toll-paying motorists can do anything about it.

So, in the interest of saving everyone from the hassle of getting pulled over by the authorities (and the ensuing bother of retrieving your license), we’re sharing this list of the speed limits enforced on various expressways. These numbers are straight out of the Toll Regulatory Board website—and from our personal driving experience.

You will see that a 60km/h maximum speed limit is currently imposed for Skyway Stage 3. That is because some sections of the elevated tollway are still under construction with only concrete barriers guarding unfinished entry and exit ramps.

In a text message, TRB chief Atty. Alvin Carullo told us: “The speed limit of Skyway Stage 3 is still unofficial because it doesn’t have an operation and maintenance manual yet.”

Consider yourself informed.

Miggi Solidum

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